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Chapels   ChapelsOur smaller projects are put into this section called chapels. Again, diversity in style as we create stained glass windows to meet our clients expectations. Translucent to opaque, different types of glass were used to meet different needs.
Residential   Residential: The process of designing for residential projects becomes a matter of meeting wants and designing to suit individuals tastes. The variety shows not only our varied design capabilities, but also the variety of tastes of our clients.
Public Places   Public Places: Stained glass art in public places in Canada has not been a priority, probably because we are growing so fast that we can hardly keep up with the demand to create new buildings. But times are changing and stained glass is starting to become popular in homes and other public areas.
Restoration  Restoration: We have done restoration work to a number of windows, but you cannot see the work that has been done because the new pieces match the old pieces so well. Restoration also includes re-doing lead work and again the final product only shows off the glass work. Here are a few highlights of restoration work we have done.
Back Lit Projects  Back Lit Projects: Many buildings do not have exterior windows where people would like to have stained glass windows. We solve this by having boxes with lights to allow the stained glass to glow with a variety of light sources. We are highlighting these back lit projects to show how versatile stained glass can be.


Window Hangings   Window Hangings:  We have created many window hangings over the years. The ones we are showing are pieces we currently have in our studio for sale. Window hangings are great if you want the beauty of stained glass, but are not yet in a permanent residence. They need a couple of sturdy hooks and can be packed up and moved along with the other art work. We create window hangings as commission pieces as well.
Paintings  Paintings:  Heinz has done many wonderful paintings over the years. The ones we have showcased are paintings we currently have for sale. We added these to show the diversity of our skills.
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