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Churches Gallery
Our Lady of the Assumption

 Our Lady of the Assumption in Lethbridge, Alberta was designed with broad circles to complement an existing window. The theme of the circle joins the trios of windows and allows the colors to build and unites the panels into one picture. Sixty leaded stained glass panels were created and installed in under a year. The figures were created in a very simple style as requested by the committee. The Crucifixion windows are very bold in color with dark blues in the darkening sky. The Resurrection window with brighter colors and the colors of the remaining panels on the north side of the church using still lighter colors. The bottom awning windows were installed into thermal pane glass. The remaining were window inserts.

St. Michael's Church   St. Michael's Church in Pincher Creek, Alberta is curved in the style of the 1960'. The south windows were converted to house these truly breathtaking stained glass windows. 22 feet wide and 19 feet high the Resurrection window has nine larger than life sized figures with the figure of the risen Christ in the center. The Gothic arches were duplicated from existing windows and the heavens done with nuggets of glass glowing in blues and purples. The figures and foreground were done with opaque glass and painted with much detail. The sky was done with wispy glass to allow the figure of Christ to glow. The windows were sandwiched into thermal pane glass.
Holy Trinity Parish   Holy Trinity Parish in Blairmore, Alberta was a diverse project as lovely old windows were restored, new stained glass windows were made to match the style of the old windows, and more modern windows were made with beautiful opaque glass. The restoration involved intense cleaning, removal of house paint, and reinforcing the lead where needed. Some of the glass needed to be replaced and you can see the results in our Restoration section. Two new windows were made to match the style of old extensively painted windows. And new windows were created in modern styles including the entrance with Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
St. Thomas More Parish   St. Thomas More Parish in Calgary, Alberta has two sections of nine windows each. Each window is 3 feet wide and range from 4 to 7 feet in height. Taking pictures of the installed stained glass is a challenge and we apologize for the distortion in the photographs. Color is broadly used to tell the stories. Painted detail was used for the city of Jerusalem and the people while the landscape and sky are defined by colors. The windows are south facing. The people and foreground are opaque glass while the sky is wispy glass and translucent glass to allow the sky to glow.
Holy Spirit Parish  Holy Spirit Parish in Calgary, Alberta wanted to update the Stations of the Cross which are found along the south and west side of the church. The windows are just 18 x 24 inches and are all back lit using a glowing pad which was installed into a wooden frame. The story is told with images and color as Jesus Christ takes the journey to Golgotha. The glass used is opaque to accommodate the back lighting.
St. James Parish   St. James Parish in Okotoks, Alberta has a beautiful new building with three back lit spaces planned into the wall. The Resurrection windows feature a lot of beautiful detail from the flowers and drapery, to the hands and faces. The faces were especially chosen by the parish. The local mountains are subtlety in the background. Opaque glass was used over all to accommodate the light from fluorescent tubes. Night or day these windows are a special feature just by the flick of a switch.
Immanuel Lutheran Church   Immanuel Lutheran Church in Lethbridge, Alberta has been in two locations and to celebrate their 100th anniversary the stained glass was commissioned to have both the old and new churches represented, with the Lethbridge High Level railroad bridge spanning the two sides of the city. The center circle represents the sacraments and the background is the prairie to mountain landscape. With the use of color the cross is incorporated into the back ground. This is another example of back lighting. One inch fiber optic cables are in the cabinet behind the the opaque glass of the stained glass windows.
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