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Heinz H. M. Demes
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About Us

Demes Stained Glass Studio

 In 1993 Heinz and Patricia Demes established Demes Art Glass Studios in Beaver Mines, Alberta. Kilns were purchased, special glass paints procured, and brushes bought. Heinz was back to creating stained glass in the same tradition as was done by stained glass masters for centuries; with a few modern improvements.

The first major work for Heinz in Canada was for Our Lady of the Assumption Church in Lethbridge, Alberta (1996). In a year, over 650 square feet of glass was created telling stories of the Crucifixion, Resurrection, Baptism of Christ, Jesus and the Children, the Annunciation, Day of Pentecost, Garden of Gethsemane, Woman at the Well, Presentation in the Temple, and the Wedding at Cana. Designed to complement a previously existing interior altar window, the theme of the circle was carried through the church with stylized figures and bold colors on the south facing windows. The north windows were gentler in color, but the accent of red carried the color theme throughout the church setting the mood of modern stained glass to a church of modern design.

Another is the 374 square foot “Resurrection Window” for St. Michael’s Church in Pincher Creek, Alberta (1999). The challenge for Heinz was to complement the existing stained glass windows (circa 1910) while creating vastly larger windows on the south of the church. He accomplished this well by repeating the Gothic window shape in each of the five sections, repeating the frame design and floral accents, as well as keeping a general respect for the style of the original figures. To block the intense light, modern Tiffany style glass was used extensively. The central figure of Christ in opaque glass with the heavens around him in wispy or semi opaque glass gives the illusion the light is emanating from the Savior. The other eight figures surround Christ and bask in his glory.

“Crucifixion” and “Resurrection” windows were made for St. Thomas More Church in Calgary Alberta (2004 – 5). The 60 foot wide glass windows cover 314 square feet. The stained glass was done in a very simple modern style with great detail in the hands and faces. As always the color of the windows tells its own story with the darkening clouds coming over the crucifixion scene and the light breaking up the sky of the resurrection. With the many figures in the scenes attention was given to the drapery of the garments and the diverse ethnicity of the people of the times.

Other windows created in this style:

Chapel Windows, Pincher Creek Hospital, Pincher Creek, Alberta

Resurrection, Holy Family, Sacred Heart Windows
, St. Catherine’s, Picture Butte, Alberta

Mother, Son, Daughter, and Teacher Windows
, La Familia Project, Genola, Utah

Donor Wall, Cardston Hospital

Holy Mother, Savior
, St. Mary’s Anglican, Lethbridge Alberta

St. Michael, St. Michael’s School, Pincher Creek, Alberta

Chapel Windows for 17 locations including Pincher Creek, Medicine Hat, Evanburg, Lethbridge, Hinton, Rocky Mountain House, West Lethbridge, Penticton, Gibsons Good Samaritan Society, Extended Care Centers

Resurrection, Holy Sacraments, Entrance; Holy Trinity Church, Blairmore, Alberta

Eucharist, St. Albert the Great Church, Calgary, Alberta

Notre Dame Chapel, Notre Dame Collegiate, High River, Alberta

John Paul II Chapel, John Paul II Collegiate, Okotoks, Alberta

Stations of the Cross, Holy Spirit Parish, Calgary, Alberta

Resurrection, St. James Parish, Okotoks, Alberta

Out of the Blue, Genesis Place, City of Airdrie, Alberta

Centenial Celebration Window, Immanuel Lutheran, Lethbridge ,Alberta

 In a traditional style of heavily painted windows on translucent glass, Demes Stained Glass Studio has created Trinity Rose, St. Anne, and St. Teresa windows for the Holy Trinity parish in Blairmore, Alberta. These windows duplicated the style of the windows which were in the original church before demolition and rebuilding. As well as creating new windows Demes Stained Glass Studio did the restoration work on the original windows, some requiring extensive glass reproduction, cleaning, and lead repair.

 Various gallery pieces have been made by Demes Stained Glass Studio. Many are of wildlife from hawks and owls to mountain sheep and bears. Other pieces are more whimsical like Escher inspired flying fish or baby dragons. Gallery pieces created so far range in size from 7” x 5” to 43 inches round.

Demes Stained Glass Studio has created many commission pieces for private individuals. Many have been floral while still more have been of wildlife. Interior and exterior windows have been used with entrances being a popular area to adorn with glass.

The name was changed to Demes Stained Glass Studios in 2007 to better represent the work in the international realm of their web site.

The old school in Hill Spring, Alberta is now the home of Demes Stained Glass Studio. This provides 2800 square feet of studio space, almost endless storage, and living area for Heinz, Patricia, and their three children.


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