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Why Are We So Different?

As you look over our gallery pictures you will notice that we have a style that is unique from the old stained glass of your grandfather's church and still not over simplified like the glass one might create in a weekend glass class. So why are we so different? The Reasons are threefold. The glass, the painting,and the design. 

At Demes Stained Glass Studio we use a combination of the traditional stained glass skills of painting on glass and the wide variety of opaque and opalescent glass availible from modern glass factories. The combination creates stained glass that is just lovely and detailed without the painting and over painting, og hundred year old stained glass. Modern glass is incredibly varied and its beuty often stands on its own. By incorporating the appropriate glass into our designs we can use minimal painting to let the glass glow on its own. But we add the right amount of painting needed to define the detail. In this way we create our own look with the right amount to painting to give it realisim.
Another reason is we create all our own designs. Heinz and Patricia are both artists in their own rights and create all the designs to meet the needs of our clients. Heinz has a classical training and Patricia is more modern, and their talents cover the variety of design ideas.

Browse our gallery photos and take note of the beauty of the glass, the detail of the painting, and the uniqueness of the design. That is what makes Demes Stained Glass so different.

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