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Pricing stained glass is not an easy process. When we have made a design and know the type of glass you want we can figure out an exact price based on the complexity of the glass, the type of glass used, and the square footage of the finished stained glass window. If you have a limited budget you might want a design created to be simple to allow a larger area of window to be covered. Or you may want a specific style of glass and the price that goes with it is of no consequence. The type of glass used also plays a bearing on the final price. The cost of the design work is not added onto the cost of the stained glass. We have four examples which show the types of stained glass we can create.

 Fully Painted, Matted, and Stained

This is the type of stained glass you might find in an older church. The example here is a stained glass window we made to match other existing windows for the Holy Trinity Church in Blairmore, Alberta. Each piece of glass was painted and fired in a kiln three or four times on average with more painting and firing for the golden pieces which are also silver stained. This type of process is labor intensive and the cost is the highest. The same type of process was used on the Red Tail Hawk and the Baby Dragons found in the Window Hanging section of the Gallery.  (see Fig 1)

Moderately Painted

The style we use for much of our work is moderately painted with the appropriate opaque glass to show part of the picture. Great detail is used on appropriate parts such as hands and face and the glass may be fired a multiple of times. Much of the glass can be painted and fired once. Much of the image is showcased by the careful choice of appropriate glass. This stained glass is moderately priced. The example shown here is from the Resurrection window at St. Michael's Church in Pincher Creek, Alberta.  (See Fig 2)

Unpainted Glass

Sometimes there are windows where it is appropriate to have glass that is in a lovely design with beautiful color, but painting is not necessary. This unpainted glass has the lowest price.  (See Fig 3)

As you can see in our gallery, many of our projects are a combination of moderately painted and unpainted glass and the price is calculated on the square footage of each.

For an example we have the glass from the Immanuel Lutheran Church in Lethbridge, Alberta. The sky and landscape are beautifully done with no painting while the central circle and bottom churches are done with moderate to extensive painting. The circle also has special glass for the grapes and leaves.  (See Fig 4)



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