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Heinz H. M. Demes
Patricia A. S. Demes
Patricia A. S. Demes
Patricia Stoochnoff was born in Blairmore, Alberta in 1957. She knew at an early age that all she wanted to do was to be an artist. In spite of parental encouragement to choose a real career she always pursed her passion with special art classes starting when she was ten. In junior high she was able to study oil painting with Franz Koci, a local surrealistic painter originally from Germany. High School was a great developmental time for Patricia as she had excellent tutalage from her High School art teacher. There she tried many styles of art and did a number of reproductions and excelled at graphite portraits. Upon graduation she worked for Phillips Cables in the Crowsnest Pass and saved to go to art school.

1979-1981 Patricia studied at Fine Art at Red Deer College, Red Deer, Alberta. The program was art intensive and covered Art History, Design, Drawing, Sculpting, Painting, Ceramics, Photography, and Printmaking. It was two years of art bliss. She tried everything she could make time for. She excelled in drawing and painting and was considering a future career in painting. A highlight of her time there was a spring break trip to New Your City. There the students went to various public and private galleries with the evenings free to take in the sights and sounds of New York. It was an amazing art history education to see the originals of paintings only before seen in history books, and fascinating to see the work in galleries which might be famous.

Patricia then went back to work to pay off the student loans. She eventually decided to further her education to get a teaching degree but not before meeting her future husband Heinz.

1985-88 Patricia attended the University of Lethbridge and graduated with a Bachelor of Teaching degree with a fine art major and a specialization in special education (gifted programming).

After a few years of helping Heinz create stained glass, Patricia helped Heinz create Demes Art Glass Studios (1993). The two have traveled in Europe seeing castles and cathedrals (1991). Patricia has studied modern Tiffany representational glass through a course offered by Oroborus Glass Manufacturer (1994). In 2002 Heinz and Patricia were in Montreal to study special fusing and slumping techniques at Mon-X International. In 2003 Patricia attended a special glass conference in Las Vegas concerning the latest developments and specialties in the glass business as a whole. Heinz and Patricia’s glass creations as Demes Art Glass Studios are extensive and impressive.

Patricia has designed many floral and wildlife stained glass projects adn a highlight in her career so far was designing the abstract "Out of the Blue" project for Airdrie's Genesis Place recreation center.

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